How Much Does Egg Donors Cost in Nepal 2023?

Egg donor Treatment: Much more than just getting pregnant.

(egg donors cost in Nepal 2023): Infertility treatments are a mentally and physically tiring process where both the parents have to go through a lot. And a flood of questions starts arising in our minds. Will the baby have my genes? Will the baby look like me? Sometimes, emotional plus psychological challenges will make you doubt your decisions.

But, in front of parenthood, couples are ready to take all the chances. Thus, here comes our role. Nepal Fertility Centre makes sure to resolve every query and doubt of yours and help you escapade the joy of having a child.

Egg donation acts as a perk for couples having issues conceiving a baby, plus the Egg donor cost in Nepal holds a high success rate.

Egg donor treatment- A scientific approach towards modern future

Egg donor treatment is a solution for women who are unable to produce their eggs for fertilization. The process includes the ova or egg donation of a healthy fertile woman.

The procedure involves retrieving eggs from the donor, fertilizing the eggs in vitro and then transferring the embryo to the intended mother. The entire process is carried out in-vitro with a low number of failures.

Recommendation of Egg donor cost in Nepal-

IVF has set a bar for the fertility success rate. It allows you to tackle the most challenging situation of life and go through the most impactful parenthood decision. The egg donor treatment in Nepal is suggested to-

Egg Donor treatment is recommended to-

  • Women’s with genetic infertility disorder
  • Women with a low success rate for eggs
  • Women with multiple fertility challenges
  • Women’s who are unable to hold the eggs due to age or premature menopause
  • Women’s who are born without ovaries
  • Same-sex couples
  • Single parent seeking surrogacy

What are the criteria to be an egg donor?

egg donors cost in Nepal

The egg donation is a big step; the egg donor should have an egg of 21-30 years. Plus, the donor should not have any genetic issues or abnormalities.  At this age, fertility drugs and high-egg quality works in a better way. There are several processes you have to go through before becoming an egg donor.

The ‘Nepal Fertility Centre’ make sure to have a proper background check-up of the egg donor, including the family, medical and health history.

Screening of Egg donor

To lower the risks of failure, the egg donor is needed to be physically and emotionally fit; thus the test check covers-

  • Application
  • Physical examination
  • Blood and drug test
  • Ultrasounds of reproductive parts
  • Psychological history
  • Screening of inherited or infectious disease

IVF process with Egg donor

Step 1: Consultation with the doctor

Step 2: Cycle Preparation

Step 3: Selection of the egg donor

Step 4: Synchronization

Step 5: Egg Retrieval and Embryo transfer

Step 6: Post-fertilization Checkups

Along with the cost of an egg donor in Nepal comes the risks and side effects of egg donor treatments-

There are shallow side effects of egg donor treatment, but why take risks? You should be aware of the slight side effects and risks of egg removal and egg insertion for fertilization.

  • Rapid weight gain
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Stomach pain

What is the cost of an egg donor in Nepal?

Egg donors cost in Nepal
Egg donors cost in Nepal

The Nepal Fertility Centre has a cut-rate price for egg donor treatment in Nepal. With an impressive success rate, the egg donor treatment cost 3-4.5 lakh. The costs include all the medicines, medications, blood tests and ultrasounds and regular checkups.

Donor egg success rate in Nepal-

IVF success rate with donor egg varies, where the success is 60% with a fresh embryo. On the other hand, the success rate with frozen donor egg is 45-50%. Moreover, the success rate also varies from clinic to clinic, somewhere it may differ from one clinic, while somewhere, it changes according to the situation and condition of patients.

Plus, with the increasing abnormalities, the charges of an egg donor in Nepal fluctuate.

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