How much Does IVF Treatment Cost in Nepal 2023?

IVF: It’s time to beat the odds and Get a miracle baby.

(IVF Treatment Cost in Nepal 2023): Nepal is a trailblazer in the realm of medical science. With the exploration in various medical fields, it has made a good grasp in Infertility treatment. It has become one of the top destinations that provide infertility treatment at reasonable prices.

It’s time to remove, cliché of childlessness in infertile couples.

IVF is one of the happy-go-lucky infertility treatments in Nepal, with a bargain-basement cost of IVF in Nepal.

IVF- Conceive through ART Technology.

The ART methodology is used to treat infertility through in-vitro fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and cryopreservation of gametes or embryos.

IVF is a lifesaver medical procedure. When every other approach fails, IVF will work as a savior for all.

In-vitro fertilization is a fully Vitro Procedure. In this process maturation of eggs are monitored, and at the right time, eggs are retrieved from the female partner. On the same end, the sperms of the male partner are retrieved, from which healthy eggs are selected.

Then, both the eggs and sperms are combined in vitro, and the embryo fertilized is then transferred to the uterus of the female partner. The full cycle of IVF consumes 2-3 weeks.

Being one of the most effective solutions, the IVF Treatment Cost in Nepal is low-priced and worth a penny.

How to know whether one needs Infertility treatment?

IVF Cost in Nepal
IVF Cost in Nepal

Unsure about your pregnancy?

No wonder couples take a lot of time to accept that they have some infertility issues in having a baby, whereas it shouldn’t be. Infertility is most common these days, and it’s ok to accept it.

If you are having unprotected intercourse for a long time, such as one year and are still unable to conceive, you should consult their doctor, or you can take the advice from the experts of ‘Nepal Fertility Center’.

Let’s begin with how to have a miracle baby in your hands.

With super-sassy prices, you can now benefit from IVF Treatment Costs in Nepal or consult your friends or family to have a treatment with ‘Nepal Fertility Center’.

The cost of IVF Cost in Nepal varies according to the type of treatment. Below we have mentioned the details. Check them out, as they will help you to get a clear overview of the sitch.

IVF (Intended parents egg or sperm)3- 4 lakhs
IVF (Using Donor Sperms)3-4.5 lakhs
IVF (Using Donor Egg)3-5 lakhs
IVF with ICSI3-5 Lakhs
IVF with FET3.5-5 Lakhs
IVF with TESA/ PESA/ TESE3 -4.5 Lakhs

The conceptualization of IVF –

IVF Cost in Nepal
IVF Cost in Nepal

IVF is not just a random procedure; it’s a prodigy for you to be a parent. There is a handful of reasons why one cannot be a father or mother nature. And if you are the one facing the issue, there’s no benefit in denying it. You must know where you are putting your leg into.

Check out the types of IVF procedures that may include or exclude the Cost of IVF in Nepal.

IVF with Donor Egg

In the case of IVF with a donor egg, the woman is unable to fertilize eggs, and the donor egg is used for fertilization with the sperm.

Donated eggs have a high success rate of 80-90% for treatment.  It’s quite helpful for women with infertility issues.

IVF with Donor Sperms

IVF with donor sperm is useful for a male partner with infertility issues, low sperm count and unhealthy eggs.  In these cases, the donor sperms are used for the fusion with female eggs. The chances of IVF with donor sperms are quite high and effective.


ICSI is one of the in-demand methods for infertility treatments. ICSI with IVF is one of the treatments used when IVF treatment is unsuccessful. It is helpful if the male partner has ejaculation problems, abnormal sperm, high antibodies, poor quality sperm, or low sperm count. The IVF Cost in Nepal is one of the easy-going treatments one could ask for.

Cost of IVF treatment in Nepal with FET

Frozen Embryo Transfer is the clear choice for those having time boundations. In FET, the embryo is preserved using the freezing method, and you can proceed with the process according to your convenience.

IVF Cost in Nepal includes-

  • Consultation with the specialist
  • Fertility medications and injections
  • Trans-vaginal Ultrasound
  • Hormonal Blood Tests
  • Retrieval of eggs and sperms
  • Fusion of gametes (Fertilization)
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Other additional laboratory costings

Success Rate of IVF Treatment Cost in Nepal

Nepal Fertility Centre is one of the pre-eminent hospitals that set a high success bar with an average of 75-80% successful pregnancies. Nepal has maintained its high successful pregnancy rate. It is no wonder why people are trying to move towards it.

A wonderful chance to embrace motherhood with Fertility Center India.

Is it the right choice to go with Nepal Fertility Centre ?

Parenthood is a blossoming experience, and no one wants to miss it. So, why not grab the opportunity with ‘Fertility Center India and feel the feeling you are carving years for.

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