What is the Test Tube Baby Cost in Nepal 2023?

‘Stop yearning for your baby and take a step forward for a miracle baby’

(Test Tube Baby cost in Nepal 2023): Test tube baby is now not outlandish in Nepal. With the birth of the first test-tube baby Om Mani Tamang in 2005, the Test-tube baby technique has made millions of happy couples till now. According to the statics, 70% of Nepal couples have stopped going for infertility treatment in a foreign country. This statics is enough to show the popularity of test-tube babies in Nepal.

Test tube babies are no less than a scientific miracle for couples who have been trying to conceive for a long-time. And Nepal Fertility Center makes it doable for them through the different procedures, and Test tube baby is one of those.

Test Tube baby is the common word used, but what is the exact medical term?

Test Tube Baby or IVF

Also known as IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization), the test tube baby technique is where eggs and sperms are retrieved and fertilized in vitro. The embryo is transferred near the mother’s fallopian tube.

There are bundles of reasons why the test tube baby technique is highly being recommended in Nepal. Still, damaged fallopian tubes of the mother or male infertility are the intrinsic reasons why test tube baby treatment is highly used in Nepal these days.

The IVF is a part of the ART (Assisted reproductive technology) methodology that makes pregnancy doable outside the mother’s body or un-naturally. IUI, IVF or test tube baby, ICSI, IMSI are a few of the methods that have made the impossible- possible.

Under the observation and guidance of the expert doctor, gynecologist and surgeons, the procedure for Test tube baby in Nepal proceeds. And the high success rate of happy couples is the most significant proof for that.

What are the reasons one should go for a Test tube baby in Nepal?

The Test Tube Baby is possible in different parts of the world, but do you wonder why people choose to have a Test tube baby in Nepal? There must be some solid reason for choosing us, above all.

Well, there are!
Below we have mentioned few reasons, which clarifies who should go for Test tube baby in Nepal

  • Women with genetic infertility disorders
  • Couples with genetic issues can take the help of IVF to save their baby from the same genetic issues.
  • Test tube baby is preferred to women who are unable to conceive with IUI
  • Women are facing problems like endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), PCOD, etc.
  • Women with damaged fallopian tube
  • Male with low sperm count, low sperm motility and infertility issues

Factors that affect the cost and charges of a test-tube baby-

40% of the population still considers fertility a disease, which is the main reason we lack behind. People are still frightened to accept that they have some severe infertility issues. It’s time to accept that other than genetic issues and multiple other things can cause infertility.

Below we have mentioned a few of the points that can affect your infertility issues.

Couple’s Age

After crossing the age of 35, pregnancy becomes a back-breaking process. In the male partner, it can lead to low motility and low sperm count, whereas for women, it becomes hard to conceive a baby.

Body Type

Being overweight or underweight impacts your physical appearance, damages the inner body, and negatively affects conceiving a baby.

Unhealthy eating habits

In our day-to-day life, we are highly addicted to junk food that can cause issues for upholding pregnancy. An unhealthy diet always leads to an unhealthy future.

Why is Test tube baby treatment more preferred from fertility centre Nepal?

Test Tube Baby Cost in Nepal
Test Tube Baby Cost in Nepal

There are bunches full of reasons why people prefer fertility treatments From Nepal Fertility Centre. Those are Affordable Cost- Test Tube Baby or IVF is one of the easiest and affordable treatments you can get at Fertility Center India. Here we try to update our team regularly to provide you with the best treatment at the least price.

High Success Rate- We has maintained our impressive success rate for years. Along with the Lowest Cost of the test-tube baby in Nepal, we are known for our positive success rate.

What is the Test tube baby cost in Nepal?

Test-tube baby is a high-end procedure that takes a good investment of time and money. The Cost of test-tube baby in Nepal is around 1-2 Lakh per cycle. Plus, before taking one step forward, make yourself strong enough to know that sometimes it takes more than one complete cycle to have a test tube baby successfully.

But, initially, with a high success rate, at Nepal Fertility Centre, we make it possible for you, with you.

Is the test tube baby successful?

When it comes to test-tube baby procedures, you can blindly trust Nepal Fertility Centre. With a high success rate and expertise gynecologists’, test tube baby or IVF is a safe, risk and pain-free procedure to conceive a baby.

Let your future baby glimmer with bright treatment.

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  1. I want to this treatment because my both tubes are blocked and I dont have any other chance to concive.I am married.and I.am 39 years old.


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