Dr Preeti Bista


Dr Preeti Bista Is The Senior Clinical Embryologist And She Is A Broadcasted Thought Pioneer, Zeroing in On The Field Of Clinical Embryology.

Preeti is a declared idea pioneer in the field of clinical embryology in Nepal. Through her company, Angel Fertility Solution,she has assisted hundreds of couples achieve their dream of parenthood, enhancing her expertise in infertility management.

She attended Embryogeny, CHL Apollo in Indore, MP, where she studied Comprehensive Clinical Embryology; & IIRFT, New Delhi, Bosses degree Pokhara College (2011 – 2013) and Four year certification in scientific studies’ (2009) from Tribhuwan College. Assisted Reproductive Technology (Clinical Embryology) and more than eight years of professional experience in the field She will complete the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Certificate in Advanced Clinical Embryology Course in 2020.

She is likewise an individual from Indian Fruitfulness Society (Uncertainties) starting around 2017 and individual from Ripeness Society of Nepal (FESON) beginning around 2017, individual from American Culture of Regenerative Medication (ASRM) and Society of Helped Conceptive Innovation ( SART) starting around 2018.

Preeti additionally effectively interfaces with her perusers through www.infertilityletters.com, her contributing to a blog stage. She is as of now filling in as Senior Clinical Embryologist at NIFLC Maya IVF in Kathmandu, Maya IVF in Bhairahawa, Nepal and Heavenly messenger Fruitfulness Facility in Kathmandu.

In 2014, she began working as a country manager for Multinational Infertility Clinic, New Life Global Network, and Beta Fertility, which had its headquarters in Tbilisi, Georgia. Preeti has since developed self-motivation and established herself as one of Nepal’s few CEs.

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